Thursday, June 28, 2012

White-Water Rafting in CDO River: Things You Need to Know

 If you’re a sucker for outdoor adventure, then a white water rafting in the wild rapids of Cagayan de Oro River should provide the thrill you’re looking for. The river boasts more than 20 rapids that range from easy to difficult, from smooth to turbulent. River rafting is an adrenaline pumping experience but can also be a little dangerous especially when the rapids get extra wild. 

Here are some tips to ensure a safe and fun white-water rafting adventure:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tablas Fun Resort Looks Fun But...

"But what Rhoda Beach had that I couldn't find in Tablas Fun Resort was the unassuming, natural, familiar and friendly vibe of the place."

 It was already past 3 in the afternoon when we left Buenavista and headed to Tablas Fun Resort in Kawit, Looc. I was not particularly excited to see the resort because we had to pay an entrance fee (Php50) even though we're not using any facility. I admit, however, that I was kinda interested to see the changes and face-lift done to it after some years of neglect.

Tablas Fun Resort was previously Rhoda Beach, an unembellished beach resort owned by a Chinese family in Looc. Back then, it was a famous hang-out among locals looking for getaways and excursions during weekends. I remember spending a night at the resort when we were in highschool. Lots of memorable things happened that night: saw hundred of fireflies swarming a tree near the resort, caught in the middle of a scary shooting incident, watched the sunrise (for the first time) the next morning.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Great Vista in Buenavista

Even though my formative years were spent in Looc, Romblon, I really never got the chance to travel around town and explore its nook and crany. Our municipality is composed of about a dozen barrios nestled either high up the mountains or beside the sea. There's one barangay, Buenavista, that was foreign to me until last April when I and a couple of highschool friends decided to pay the place a visit.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunset Series

There's something about sunsets that makes me lonely, sad, inebriated, mystified - depending on my mood and the current state I'm in. Sunsets are my kryptonite, my Waterloo, my Achilles' heel. If I'd be lured into trickery, a breathtaking sunset would be an easy bait. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Fund Your Wanderlust

Either you have lots of savings or you're simply rich. That's, more or less, what my friends tell me every time they learn that I'm going some place or have been somewhere. Fact of the matter is, neither is true. I have little to no savings (not proud to say that) and I'm born rat poor (not ashamed to declare), true story, not an exaggeration. So given the fact that I'm not financially gifted so to speak, you might be wondering how I am able to fund my wanderlust. The answer doesn't come as easy as reciting the ABC. Lots of factor come into play, a few sacrifices have to be made and determination is the key.
Dumaguete - January 2012
So what's the secret? You must have seen that cute movie featuring a funny panda named Po who loves to eat. Kung Fu Panda's the title, rings a bell I'm sure. No, that's not the secret but remember the word of wisdom that his hardworking goose father told him - there is no secret ingredient. Po was tricked into believing that there's some sort of secret that he had to unravel for him to become a hero. Turned out, he just needed to train and work hard so he could beat their greatest nemesis.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Secret is Out - Survivor Philippines Happened in Caramoan

Three, maybe five (I honestly don't remember how many we were that time) of us were huddled inside a small nipa hut, waiting for an event that we barely know anything about to happen. We were told to keep our voices down and were specifically advised to turn off our cellphone, or at least activate its silent mode so as not to create any noise. And no camera. It didn't make sense to us but they said it's very important that the place must look like it's completely uninhabited.  All lights from the bar and the nipa huts surrounding it were extinguished -against our will - including the solar lights scattered around the lawn, even those hidden under the bushes.
Except for the steady light coming from a thousand Christmas lights coiled on a man-made walkway bridge few meters from the place-that-must-not-be-named, the area was virtually dark. With dark clouds looming overhead, the chance of moon appearance that night was close to nil. It was the type of scenario that the production crew of a famous American reality TV show could ever hope for. For us, however, it was a curse. We wanted to witness what was about to happen, but it would prove quite impossible without any light in the area.

"A celebrity is passing by here any second from now," the owner of the bar told us in a careful whisper. That explained why they had to shut all the lights. "Which celebrity?" we asked, the excitement in our voice was palpable. "We don't know. They won't tell us," she whispered back. "I wish I had a night vision or something," I told my companions who were equally beside themselves. The suspense was killing us. We were dead tired, we were blinking off sleep, and yet, our stamina wasn't breaking down.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Case of Traveler's Block

I'm having a serious bout of traveler's block. I seem to have lost interest in traveling. I have 3 flights booked a few months back (Palawan, Bangkok, Davao) but I don't feel like going. The idea that I'd let my hard-earned money to buy those tickets go kaput bums me out. My head says 'don't go', and my heart asks 'what's wrong.' Maybe, I'm not wired for this. I'm no Kerouac after all. I got bitten by the travel bug but now that the wound was healed up, my wanderlust is slowly burning out. Not enough inspiration or guidance to rekindle the fire.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Things to Do on Holiday in Portugal

If you’re planning a holiday in Portugal, one thing’s for sure - there’s plenty more here than just great beaches. Get out and explore everything that this vibrant destination has to offer - from the beautiful city of Lisbon with its quaint cobbled streets, to the breathtaking Feira castle in the North. There is so much to see in this diverse country.
If like many tourists you’re tempted to book Portugal all inclusive holidays, don’t let that stop you from getting out and about. While all inclusive is typically a cost-saver by providing all your meals, snacks and drinks, it can often encourage visitors to stay within the confines of the hotel or their resort, so ask your hotel to pack up a lunch for you and take it out for the day.

But where will you go? If you’re based in the Algarve region, there are dozens of different day trips available through various tour operators. For example if you book holidays with Thomas Cook your representative will be able to recommend numerous well-organised day trips throughout your stay, ranging from boat trips and sightseeing tours to jeep safaris and water sports.

If you like historic sites, head to Silves and explore the hilltop castle and the old town of Algarve which is believed to date back to 1000BC. Or for something truly spectacular - if a little morbid - visit the Capela dos Ossos in Faro, a tiny chapel made from the bones of monks. The first bone was thought to have been laid by a monk in the 14th Century.

Day trips aside, the Algarve is renowned for its gorgeous golden beaches. Fringed by rocky cliffs and peppered with beautiful coves, the coastline of South Portugal is one of Europe’s most spectacular. Get out and enjoy it!